Setup.ampedwireless not Working Error Fix

Is not working? The website is not accessible from Windows or Mac devices. Getting can’t reach ampedwireless/setup page or setup.ampedwireless login admin panel won’t open on desktop pc or laptop. 

Then do follow this guide to fix does not open errors.

Amped Extender users will not be able to access the standard Amped website at on their apps or devices. There are many reasons for these problems. Also, if you are one of the users who is unable to open panel. 

This guide lists some of the troubleshooting steps that you may need to fix: refused to connect error.

Initial check if cant connect to setup.ampedwireless admin page

  1. May be amped extender not connected to WiFi router
  2. Amped wireless doesn’t keep close to the router.
  3. Amped extender setup is not done properly. 
  4. setup.ampedwireless login page admin setting may be incomplete or missing.
  5. Using outdated versions of Amped range extender may cause issues in connecting admin login page.
  6. If recently upgraded firmware from an unreliable source it may cause not working error.
  7. Web cache or cookies in your device may be the reason of ampedwireless/setup won’t open issue. 
  • Open the web browser, go to the upper right corner and click three vertical dots.
  • Setting windows will open
  • Under privacy and security option, there will be clear browsing data option
  • Click it, and choose the choices you want to clear, and save it.
  1. Do update your browser, outdated version of web browser may cause login or cant configure error.
  2. May try to access the amped extender admin login page on different browsers or devices. 


If after checking these basic requirements, still can’t connect to ampedwireless/setup page. You need advanced troubleshooting to resolve setup.ampedwireless can’t reach issue. not working - Troubleshoot

  • To start fixing setup.ampedwireless login page not opening error, Ensure you are connected to the Amped Extender WiFi network.
  • Now restart your device with the web address: You can also reboot your computer or laptop by turning it off and on again.
  • If Amped WiFi doesn’t work, make sure your device is connected to the WiFi router.
  • Make sure you haven’t changed the WiFi switch or router.
  • If you change the password for the WiFi network, you will need to reconnect the Amped extender to the router.
  • Make sure the cable is turned off. If it shuts down, restart the WiFi router and continue with WiFi
  • If the device cannot be restored to its original state, restore the factory setting.

Factory reset Amped extender To fix setup.ampedwireless error

Getting site not found error, it indicates maybe there is configuration or installation issue with your Amped range extender. That can be fixed by factory reset Amped extender, steps are:

  1. Using the pin, press the reset button for a few seconds. Keep holding it and release it when the LED starts blinking.
  2. Restart all wifi network systems along with connected devices. 
  3. Keep the range extender close to the Amped Wifi router and connect it.
  4. Now, try to access login page. You will be able to open it. If can’t then maybe there is some serious issue that needs to be addressed by experts only.