login Amped WiFi Extender Setup

To setup amped WiFi, login or admin page. It is required to access the Amped Wireless Extender setup wizard, login to Amped Extender, and the web menu for Wi-Fi connectivity and enhanced Wi-Fi signals.

  • Launch a web browser on your computer or laptop which is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Open and the Amped Extender will connect to your browser’s URL bar.
  • If you cannot access the web menu at, try accessing the web menu using the default IP address of the Amped Extender login in the URL bar: http: //192.168 .1.240.
  • The Amped Extender login page opens after logging in to
  • Advanced access to plugins. 
  • You can access the Amped Extender menu or the web panel to configure and configure the settings. login Amped WiFi Extender Setup

Amped WiFi Extender Setup Using

  1. Use an ethernet cable to connect WAN and modem. 
  2. Also, establish a connection between your desktop computer or laptop to internet ports of the router using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Turn off all the above three devices- computer, modem and the router and allow them to reboot and finish booting up.
  4. Access the Amped extender login control panel, by typing into the web address bar of the browser.
    Note: Can’t access the web menu via, try the web menu by typing into the URL bar.
  5. The login page for the amped extender opens up following input.
  6. Enter login credentials.

7. The or ampedwireless setup panel will appear.
8. Tap on “Begin Setup” to proceed with the Amped setup. 
9. Select the Automatic Configuration option to allow the configuration of the router wireless settings to be configured automatically to be extended by the amped extender.
10. Choose a new SSID (wireless Network Name) for your home router wireless network. 
11. After the setup is done, a green tick mark shows up.
12. The Amped Wireless router will be setup and you can connect your devices to the amped extender’s wireless network.

Once configured Amped extender successfully through amped login via, you can personalize and set up your network.

Amped Extender Wi-Fi Setup Using WPS method

Amped Extender Wi-Fi Setup Using WPS method
  • You need to push the WPS button for three seconds, which is at the rear of amped wireless.
  • This leads to WPS LED starting to beep. 
  • While the LED is blinking, push the WPS button on your wireless adapter.
  • This will configure the amped wifi connection settings.

Enable or Disable Access Schedule on Amped Wireless

Setup a schedule to enable or disable Wi-Fi on your home Wi-Fi network and extended Wi-Fi network using the Access Plan feature. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open while accessing the web address bar of your Amped Extender browser.
  • After logging in to, the Amped Extender login page opens.
  • Enter the login name of the verified add-on. 
  • Go to Smart Services on the left side of the web menu and click on WiFi Settings.
  • To enable the access hours, select the days and periods when the WLAN will be available.
  • Check and save the settings.
  • Activating an access schedule disables all wired Internet access according to the specified schedule, by day and time.

Note: Make sure the system clock is set for proper and correct access timing.

Enable or Disable Access Schedule on Amped Wireless
Amped WiFi Enable Guest Network

Amped WiFi Enable Guest Network

  • Guest Network allows you to set up a separate Wi-Fi network with custom settings for an enhanced Wi-Fi connection without giving guests access to the main network.
  • Open any browser and enter default web portal for amped wireless, i.e login to setup amped wifi admin settings.
  • Using amped wifi login credentials, access ampedwirless admin portal.
  • On the left of the menu, there is an option “Smart Features”.
    Tap on it, to select WiFi settings.
  • Select “Security”, then Enable to set the guest network access to the Amped Extender wireless network.

Amped Firmware Update

Amped Wireless regularly releases new firmware updates to improve functionality, performance and user experience. A new hardware file removes errors from the old file. The overall functionality of the Amped Wireless Extender has been improved. You can choose automatic or manual method to update the Amped value of your firmware.

Amped Firmware Update manually or using or

Automatic upgrade Amped Firmware

To download the updated firmware version, check the regular download page at or the Advanced Wireless Products website for updates.

Using Manually update Amped WiFi Extender

Download the updated firmware file as a zip file from the “Support Page” link on the left or from Save the file to your computer to install during a manual firmware update.

Manually update Amped WiFi Extender​
  • Make sure your Amped Extender is securely connected to your computer via wireless or wireless connection.
  • Now, type in your browser’s address bar to access the Amped wireless range extender panel.
  • The Amped Extender menu appears. Click More Options in the panel, then click Administration from the left menu.
  • Go to Firmware Update and click Select File to browse and select the firmware file you downloaded.
  • Click the Install button to update the Amped hardware file and wait for the Amped Wi-Fi Extender to restart.

Factory Reset Amped Extender With "Reset"

Restore factory setting by

  • Look for the “Reset” button at the side of extender. 
  • Press the “reset” button using a sharp pin, and hold the reset button for 5-10 seconds.
  • After a few seconds, release the button and the extender settings will revert to factory settings.
  • After the Amped Extender is rebooted, all default settings will be removed. To configure and reset the Amped wireless extender with, you need to access the Amped smart wizard.
reset amped wireless using

Common issues With Amped Wireless Setup or login

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